11 octobre 2016 22:18, par Amaury Bouchard

À quoi ressembleront les bureaux du futur ? Les nouvelles attentes en termes de QVT, d'expérience salarié ou de management vont changer leur visage.

10 octobre 2016 16:57, par Amaury Bouchard

Martin’s ultimate guide to amazing business cards “Don’t just create a Business Card. Create the best Business Card you’ve ever seen that works on every single level.” You may already have created and handed out sets of pretty good Business Cards in the past. But have you ever created the set of amazing cards that ...

04 octobre 2016 17:41, par Amaury Bouchard

L'univers Javascript est devenu bien complexe de nos jours...

03 octobre 2016 10:20, par Amaury Bouchard

Souvent délicate et parfois taboue, la question de la répartition du capital entre les fondateurs d'une société est l'objet d'un article du Galion Project.

02 octobre 2016 17:30, par Amaury Bouchard

In this post, Nick intends to cover everything you need to know about UX sketching, including the following points: Introduction to UX sketches and wireframes; UX sketching basics, tools and techniques; Clarifying sketches with notes, annotations, numbers; UX sketching tips and tricks; Mini-methods designed to boost quality and productivity; All you need to know about Wireflows and aquick guide to UX flow sketching. I hope you’ll like it.

21 septembre 2016 10:55, par Amaury Bouchard

It happens during nearly every fundraising pitch meeting. The entrepreneur cannot wait to show me their product via a demo. As politely as…

21 septembre 2016 10:50, par Amaury Bouchard

Every good developer has time on their mind. They want to give their users more of it, so they can do all those things they enjoy. They do…

31 août 2016 10:30, par Amaury Bouchard

25 years ago this week, a college student in Finland shared his project on an email list:

31 août 2016 10:10, par Amaury Bouchard

Even if you don’t code that often!

29 août 2016 10:38, par Amaury Bouchard

Answer (1 of 223): One of my favorite hacks is No Meeting Wednesdays, which we borrowed from Facebook. With very few exceptions, everyone's calendar is completely clear at least one day out of the week. Whether you are Maker or a Manager, this is an...