16 juin 2018 21:07, par Amaury Bouchard

Things move quickly in the mobile app universe. To succeed in the field of mobile UX design, designers must have the foresight and prepare for new challenges around the corner. When we interact with…

13 février 2017 18:47, par Amaury Bouchard

This is a much debated topic and while designers, developers mostly agree on when it is a good idea to use a navigational drawer and when not there are still a lot of mobile apps that rely on this…

31 janvier 2017 17:43, par Amaury Bouchard

Here’s a winning recipe for multi-platform mobile domination: Take one mobile web application. Let it ‘cook’ using a mobile application framework, and voila!

22 décembre 2016 12:36, par Amaury Bouchard

Most modern people would find it difficult to imagine their day using the smartphone «just for calls». Most mobile devices jumped far beyond the primary goal behind them — making phone calls and…

24 juillet 2016 14:48, par Amaury Bouchard

Flat, Clean, Minimal, Material… What’s Next?

14 juillet 2016 11:48, par Amaury Bouchard

Quelques règles de base utiles pour la création d'interfaces mobiles.

10 mars 2016 09:34, par Amaury Bouchard

When you examine the most successful interaction designs of recent years, the clear winners are those who execute fundam…

31 janvier 2016 14:14, par Amaury Bouchard

Tutoriel expliquant comment intercepter les communications réseau sur une page mobile, afin de gérer correctement les déconnexions et proposer des alternatives en cache.

30 janvier 2016 00:19, par Amaury Bouchard

Designer Drew Thomas explains how to avoid assumptions that can blindside your mobile app design. Examples from Hopper, Wunderlist, and others.

23 janvier 2016 18:02, par Amaury Bouchard

The story of how an app I built in 6 hours got 2.3 million downloads, generated a full-time salary and was acquired after 18 months.